Exotic Travel Destinations and Gear Tips for Wanderers

There are so many amazing places to see in the world and so little time. Fortunately, we’re going to be here every step of the way to help you find the very best destinations that suit your needs, personality, and lifestyle.┬áBecause that’s what we love to do.

We’re travelers too, and we’re experiences ones at that. Our team of experts has spent over 100 years combined wandering Asia, Africa, Europe, and South and Central America. During our travels, we’ve carefully documented the best aspects of the people and places we’ve visited and what travel gear is most suitable for each unique adventure.

There is something truly soul-enriching about traveling and we believe it’s an essential part of any person’s journey on earth. It helps us to develop a complete and well adjusted picture of the world and helps us to empathize with cultures that are very different from our own and often are very far away.

Sailboats On the Sea Horizon

In doing so, we enlighten ourselves to become better people, and we add some rich colors to our to the tapestry of our memories.

We believe you should never be bored during any of your adventures overseas or even while traveling in your own country. To make sure you won’t be, we hope you’ll be tuning in to our website to see what destinations you should be seeking out and what supplies to take along the way. You can choose to travel solo or in groups, both have great benefits.


Anytime we recommend a place, storefront, or product, you can rest assured we’ve tried it ourselves first and found it to be excellent.

We also hope you’ll share your tips and insights from the road as well. We’ll be happy to share with our loyal readers what you have to say so we hope you’ll keep us in the loop as to your travel plans and all the details both before and after.

You’ll soon discover that we’re always out wandering this beautiful world ourselves. So you can expect to see us writing from the very destinations we’re talking about here. Truthfully, only hands-on experience with these destinations can convey the details necessary to help you make wise decisions about where to go, when, and what to bring!

Whether your preference is mountainous regions with lots of dangerous adventure, or romantic beaches with white sands and mini umbrella-clad drinks, or even a site of historical or cultural importance. We’ve got it all covered for you, right here on Substar.

So check in with us every day, and let’s make plans together for our next adventure. Where will you be going?